Investment Management

Our investment management philosophy begins with the careful construction of the investor profile whereby we assess an individual’s tolerance for risk, his/her time horizon for investing, and the investment goals an individual maintains. Before we set out on building a portfolio, it is paramount to calculate an individual’s willingness to accept the risks of the market alongside their ability to do so given their current situation.  From this profile we design a tactical asset allocation strategy that fits the individual’s situation.  Thru the use of a variety of market instruments and leveraging many different asset classes, we develop a diversified portfolio that is tailored to meet an individual’s investment goals and is designed to weather the volatility of the market.

Financial Instruments used in Asset Allocation:

  • No Load Mutual Funds
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s)
  • Index Funds
  • Common Stock
  • Preferred Stock
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
  • Individual Bonds
    • US Treasury Securities
    • Corporate Bonds
    • Tax Free Municipal Bonds

Asset Classes Addressed in Asset Allocation Design:

  • Large Cap Equity
  • Mid Cap Equity
  • Small Cap Equity
  • Developed International Equity
  • Emerging Markets International Equity
  • Specialty & Sector Strategies
  • Alternative Strategies
  • Fixed Income
  • Cash & Cash Alternatives

Asset Allocation:

A proper asset allocation starts with the accurate development of a client investor profile.  This process includes identifying the time horizon for investment, identification of a client’s risk tolerance, and creation of investment goals and objectives.   Each person has a different timeline for need of investable assets, individual financial goals and objectives, and a unique threshold when it comes to accepting the risk of the market.  Identifying each of these aspects is paramount before an appropriate portfolio can be constructed.  Next, assets are properly allocated into a carefully selected model that captures each sector of the market.  This diversified model encapsulates US equities (small-cap, mid-cap and large cap), international equities (emerging and developed), fixed income (US treasury bonds, international bonds, corporate bonds, municipal bonds, etc.), alternative investments, and specialty sector markets (Real Estate, Biotech, Technology etc.).  This diversified model is set to match the appropriate level of risk and is designed to maximize return in a bull market and limit downside risk in a bear market. A diversified portfolio is designed to successfully navigate the ups and downs of the market, and is intended to produce a stable return over the long run.

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